Sunday 26 March 2017

Euro Tour 1 Final Day

Maybe I should have titled this post Back in Black, given that's what Darren Johnson has made me. There's been a lot of Wade collapses in the past but that is quite the special one. Pity that van den Bergh couldn't complete the sweep, but I don't expect to win every long shot I back, only for them to win enough that I end up in the long run. Winning at least one leg would have been nice though...

Quite a lot of chalk yesterday, although the two seeds (other than Wade) that didn't get through are somewhat of a shock to me, Smith seemed to be finally getting it, then to go 5-0 down to Dekker? I had a brief look and it just looks like missed doubles, but still... Whitlock not getting close to Painter is worse, letting him break in 18, hold in 24, that's a very poor showing.

Late start today (pesky clock change), don't see anything I like betting wise in the last 16. Doubt I am able to look too much at the quarter finals, maybe if the odds are up very fast before I head out for the England game, I don't know. With the way the draw looks I can't envisage there being too much value, maybe if we get something like Price/Suljovic and Price isn't the favourite it might be worth it, but I won't hold my breath.

Challenge Tour is also going on this weekend, interesting to see that Tabern and Lukeman's UK Open runs don't seem to be flukes, even if neither got over the line yesterday, Dyer who won the first one is a complete unknown to me, Milford I've at least notice pick up the odd Pro Tour cash and European Tour qualification, so maybe if he's able get in to some of the main tour events, he could start to make bigger moves. That said, I'd guess he's quite low down on the backfill list following Q-School, and due to the PDC's stupid European qualification changes it's not like he can bink qualification for one of those either.

Should be back later today, or at the latest tomorrow, with a round up of Hildesheim, in terms of my adjusted rankings Jenkins is already out of the top 20, to be replaced by King or Cullen, depending on if Cullen beats Suljovic. Bunting's the only other option but he'd need to final and he plays Wright next, so that's not that realistic. Suljovic can pass Taylor again with a win, Chisnall could move up to fourth potentially with Wade out already.

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