Sunday 11 June 2017

Hamburg aftermath

So that's the sixth European event in the books, half way through the schedule, and it's another win for Michael van Gerwen, with a simply crushing performance right throughout the event. What awards shall I give? Let's see.

Best player performance: Michael van Gerwen. Hudson is close and he played some great stuff, but in a lot of cases he just ran into someone not on his game, and exploited it. MvG didn't care what the other guy was doing and rolled regardless. I'd give the best single match performance to MvG if I didn't generally not give multiple awards to the same player - four twelve darters in one first to six game is insane. He didn't miss a beat throughout the event, only the semi final wasn't really peak performance.

Best single match performance: A few contenders here, Stephen Bunting's return to form against Kyle Anderson was pleasing, Dave Chisnall against James Wilson was top notch, but it has to go to Cristo Reyes - beating a top three player with every leg in under fifteen darts on his end, including two twelve darters, truly shows what he can do.

Worst player performance: James Wade, holy mother of God, wins two legs, neither in fifteen and one in more than eighteen, and in the legs he didn't win he averaged 67? Go home lad, you're drunk.

Worst single match performance: Can't give to Wade twice, so let's give it to Hopp. Hugely favoured opening game on home soil, blasts in a twelve dart leg to break including a 170 kill in the opening leg, holds to make it 2-0, then averages under 80 for the rest of it and loses 6-2. Just get some consistency. It'll come, he is after all just 20, but it seems like he should have enough experience to grind out these sorts of games given the great start he had, rather than capitulating in hilarious fashion.

Up 4.3 units on the betting this weekend. It does feel good when the underdog bets hit, it gives some cushion when two favourite bets that look like locks don't come in at all.

New adjusted top 20 - as mentioned a few posts ago, I'll include the full top 100, and their current score to three significant figures. Plus/minus in the top 20 is from the last table of just the top 20, if you want to see the change from the last top 100, dig it out in the archives, I think the last one followed the worlds.

1 Michael van Gerwen 1.12m
2 Peter Wright 473k
3 Gary Anderson 427k
4 Dave Chisnall 225k
5 James Wade 214k
6 Mensur Suljovic 209k (UP 1)
7 Raymond van Barneveld 207k (DOWN 1)
8 Adrian Lewis 186k
9 Jelle Klaasen 181k
10 Michael Smith 176k (UP 1)
11 Simon Whitlock 175k (DOWN 1)
12 Benito van de Pas 173k
13 Kim Huybrechts 171k
14 Ian White 170k (UP 1)
15 Daryl Gurney 169k (UP 1)
16 Phil Taylor 165k (DOWN 2)
17 Alan Norris 161k (UP 1)
18 Gerwyn Price 160k (DOWN 1)
19 Joe Cullen 122k
20 Robert Thornton 111k

21 Mervyn King 110k
22 Stephen Bunting 101k
23 Cristo Reyes 97.1k
24 Darren Webster 89.2k
25 Steve Beaton 88.3k
26 Mark Webster 87.5k
27 Terry Jenkins 85.6k
28 Kyle Anderson 81.9k
29 Brendan Dolan 81.8k
30 James Wilson 76.5k
31 Chris Dobey 72.7k
32 Justin Pipe 71.4k
33 Vincent van der Voort 70.6k
34 Steve West 70.0k
35 Robbie Green 62.3k
36 Christian Kist 61.8k
37 Jamie Caven 57.6k
38 Rob Cross 56.6k
39 John Henderson 56.5k
40 Jermaine Wattimena 54.0k

41 Max Hopp 52.8k
42 Jonny Clayton 52.5k
43 Jamie Lewis 51.4k
44 Ronny Huybrechts 51.0k
45 Kevin Painter 49.0k
46 Dimitri van den Bergh 48.9k
47 Andrew Gilding 46.1k
48 Josh Payne 44.5k
49 Rowby John Rodriguez 42.2k
50 Joe Murnan 42.1k
51 Ricky Evans 41.2k
52 Mick McGowan 38.6k
53 Jeffrey de Graaf 37.8k
54 Ron Meulenkamp 34.7k
55 Devon Petersen 33.7k
56 Jan Dekker 33.2k
57 James Richardson 32.8k
58 John Michael 31.5k
59 Dirk van Duijvenbode 27.8k
60 Dave Pallett 27.4k

61 Keegan Brown 25.4k
62 Andy Hamilton 24.1k
63 Darren Johnson 23.9k
64 Zoran Lerchbacher 23.6k
65 Simon Stevenson 21.3k
66 Willie O'Connor 20.9k
67 Andy Jenkins 20.9k
68 Andy Boulton 20.5k
69 Mark Frost 20.1k
70 Pete Hudson 19.7k
71 Ted Evetts 19.6k
72 Magnus Caris 18.7k
73 Mickey Mansell 17.8k
74 Ronnie Baxter 17.7k
75 Paul Nicholson 17.2k
76 Wayne Jones 16.5k
77 Mike de Decker 16.5k
78 Vincent Kamphuis 16.0k
79 Berry van Peer 16.0k
80 Mark Walsh 15.8k

81 Richard North 15.5k
82 Matt Clark 15.3k
83 John Bowles 15.0k
84 Dragutin Horvat 14.9k
85 Wes Newton 14.7k
86 Alan Tabern 14.3k
87 Kim Viljanen 14.2k
88 Peter Jacques 14.0k
89 Richie Corner 13.9k
90 Stuart Kellett 13.9k
91 Chris Quantock 13.4k
92 Jeffrey de Zwaan 12.9k
93 Ryan Searle 12.8k
94 Nathan Aspinall 12.6k
95 Yordi Meeuwisse 12.4k
96 Steve Hine 12.2k
97 Steve Lennon 12.0k
98 Mick Todd 11.6k
99 Ryan Meikle 11.4k
100 Martin Schindler 11.3k

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