Sunday 25 June 2017

Quick Austria roundup

Very fast as I need to be up in the morning to fund my beer bill:

Best player performance: Giving this to Joe Cullen. van Gerwen today was possibly the best we've seen, but Cullen's game was absolutely on point, and a semi-final slotting in more or less everything within fifteen darts, getting plenty of twelves and ending well north of 105 against Huybrechts is a great weekend given the talent on show.

Best single match performance: While Viljanen against Wright might be an obvious shout for this, I'm going to Michael van Gerwen in the semi final against Reyes. Three legs in twelve darts or better, another two in fifteen, the only leg he lost he was on 40 after twelve darts, it's really, really hard to do much better than that. Reyes against Gurney is worth a mention, King and Bain have also had solid games throughout the weekend.

Worst player performance: Stephen Bunting getting seeded to this and then not winning a leg against Chris Dobey, who while he played some good stuff this weekend, hasn't exactly been in form, has to be the winner.

Worst single match performance: Rob Cross, while getting everything on the other end of the scale, needs this against Klaasen, while Jelle winning wouldn't be out of the ordinary, doing it 6-0 while averaging south of 95 and only getting half your legs in fifteen darts is certainly a huge surprise. He did at least grind out a win against Andy Jenkins otherwise he might be swapped with Bunting in the previous category. Cullen's semi final was very disappointing, averaging sub 70 in losing legs and only getting a couple of the legs he did through Smith missed doubles isn't the best.

Ended up dropping just under a quarter of a unit for this event, I'm fine with all the bets I made, people underperforming and running into players on top form happens and is factored in to what I'm looking at.

Current adjusted top 20:

1 Michael van Gerwen
2 Peter Wright
3 Gary Anderson
4 Dave Chisnall
5 Mensur Suljovic (UP 1)
6 James Wade (DOWN 1)
7 Raymond van Barneveld
8 Michael Smith (UP 2)
9 Jelle Klaasen
10 Adrian Lewis (DOWN 2)
11 Daryl Gurney (UP 1)
12 Simon Whitlock (UP 1)
13 Ian White (DOWN 2)
14 Kim Huybrechts
15 Benito van de Pas
16 Alan Norris (UP 2)
17 Gerwyn Price
18 Phil Taylor (DOWN 2)
19 Joe Cullen
20 Mervyn King (NEW)

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