Saturday 15 December 2018

Briefly on that Second Division Darts I just mentioned

For newer readers, or those that have just looked at the sidebar and wondered what the heck I am on about with the link to the results, what I did right at the start of the year is, for those players who weren't in the Premier League, picked out ten players (four from the FRH rankings and six wildcards), then looked at how they did against each other throughout the season in competitive matches, weighting their overall performance against each other to see how they'd get on, as if there was a second tier to the Premier League. For 2019, as it'd be a second season, I'm going to tweak the entry requirements ever so slightly, to give us:

- The top two players from the 2018 season (who aren't in the Premier League)
- The top four players from the FRH rankings (who aren't in the Premier League)
- Four wildcards

Additionally for 2019, I am going to add in a third division, but limit eligibility to players under 30, making games in the Development Tour count for that tier as well if applicable, and then allowing promotion up to the second division for the winner or top two, I haven't decided yet.

So what would the second division look like for 2019? Obviously we still have the worlds to come, but if we assume that nobody goes berzerk, they include Barney and the other players are what we assume they'll be right now, i.e. van Gerwen, Anderson, Cross, Wright, Suljovic, Price, Wade, Gurney and Smith, then we'd be looking at:

- Top 2 from the second division (White, Cullen)
- Top 4 from the FRH rankings (Whitlock, Webster, Clayton, Chisnall)

Then the four wildcards. If I just went on the rankings we'd get Bunting, Lewis, King and West, but Hopp's not too far behind and has won two events, de Zwaan is surely in the running, then there's plenty of players like Ratajski, Noppert and so on who are on the borderline.

For a third division? If I did just go on the rankings and included the next four, then if we keep going down the rankings for under 30's we'd get Hopp, Jamie Lewis, de Zwaan, Noppert, Lennon, Dobey, Brown, van den Bergh, North and Evans. van de Pas would be the last man out but there's not a chance I'd include him, Schindler's not far off but can't now rise obviously, Payne's there or there abouts, Aspinall's not far away, then you have Cadby, who if you knew he'd sort his visa out would be a cert. That's a heck of a lot of decent players which'd create some exciting matchups.

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