Thursday 13 December 2018

Day 1 immediate thoughts

Spoke a bit about de Zwaan/Kumar in the previous post so will skip over that one. Schindler looked really nervous in places, Harris seemed to hold his game together a bit better, despite completely losing his mind towards the end (going bull second dart on a 67 out where if you break you throw for the match? Busting 134?). Will be interesting to see how he'll do against Jamie tomorrow, before today I was looking at around a 2-1 dog line, more or less right on the money, now he's dropped below 30% - it wasn't a great showing, and the lines being chucked about are representative of where I think the game is at. So there'll be no bet there.

It was interesting to note that Part, on comms, sometime in the third set, was commenting about how there isn't a huge advantage to having the throw in the final set, only for the other guy in the final set (I think it was Rod Studd but it doesn't really matter) saying it's a straight shootout and there's no tiebreak, which is obviously what Part was alluding to. I'd have assumed that there was seeing how this isn't just a quick chuck it away as quickly as possible preliminary round as it was before. It's not a scheduling thing, all the sessions where there's four round two games (where there is a tiebreak) have the same timings. It seems a bit disrespectful to me, if they still can't be separated after five sets, let them play on.

Lisa Ashton was amazing in the first set, and Dekker throughout the game looked incredibly nervous and twitchy - it was almost a dartitis sort of setup and nowhere near as fluid as he did look twelve months ago, in fairness after that first set he was at least finding the treble with that first dart with some regularity. Was a bit of a shame that some people decided to go nuts on Twitter commenting about anyone dismissing Ashton's chances after she'd got a third of the way to winning the game, which was as near as she ended up going, why spoil things.

Finally we got the match that lived up to what we were expecting, I can't really spot anything that de Zwaan really did wrong, it's basically just that first visit in set three, that's it. Brutal draw for both of them, but it's opened up the draw for Cross nicely now and should certainly settle him down, after JdZ blitzed him in the opener he was looking really dodgy in places, but grabbed that second set, immediately got the break and then held things together from there.

As mentioned we're not betting on anything not already mentioned in the afternoon session, so I'll get something quickly up tomorrow afternoon in the event that the Nicholson/Burness match runs in such a way that we want to bet on the Ando game in the evening.

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