Tuesday 18 December 2018

Rare non-worlds related post during the worlds

So, on the day that Asada surprised Ratajski, and on the day after Ilagan did respectably well against van der Voort (a hell of a lot better than Webster did anyway), the PDC sneaks out their World Series schedule:

Now what the hell is this? You've introduced an Asian Tour which is allowing for a lot of players in that region to try to develop within what is still a fairly small pond, but what's the next logical step up? Well, it'd be qualification or invites to the World Series when it pops into your respective area. So, naturally, four years after they bin off Singapore, two years after they bin off the Japanese event and a year after they bin off the Dubai event, they now bin off the Shanghai event, instead just concentrating on a huge cash cow in Germany (because we clearly don't have enough events in Germany), one in Vegas and then three in the Australia/New Zealand area.

OK, they've not actually announced how they're going to sort the competitors in these events, and the door is open for them to give a couple of spots to Asian qualifiers and/or expand the events a little bit, although scheduling them all for two days seems to rule that out I'd guess, it's an incredibly dumb step back. The whole point of this series is to breed the sport in developing areas - so Asia is the logical place to go. The sport is already thriving in Germany and has been down under for years. USA seems fine given how that area's dropped since the Part/Butler peak in the mid-nineties. Would it really hurt just to have the one Australian event and have one somewhere we can see all the players that are lighting up the worlds right now?

Also can't agree with having the European qualifier for European Tour events now being split with a huge chunk of the places going to tour card holders and only two that associates can hope to win. It's just further ringfencing the tour as a whole to Tour Card holders, a system that I'm not a fan of at all. Think about when they have the early qualifier for Zwolle - exactly how many continental non-Dutch tour card holders are going to be competing for six spots? If Hopp's still up in the seeds it's Huybrechts x2, Dimitri, Schindler, Alcinas, Reyes and Clemens of those that are retaining their cards, Marijanovic, Justicia and van Baelen who are in the second year of their card from 2018 Q-School, and whoever gets through 2019 Q-School. That's ten players for six spots - is it that unreasonable to think that if there's, say, ten Euro spots, you get Harms, Veenstra, Hendriks x2, Razma, Labanauskas, Asada, Larsson, Mandigers and Unterbuchner come through - of which only Unterbuchner would be eligible to play that qualifier, giving someone a bye into the event. Why try to fix something that isn't broken?

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