Friday 25 October 2019

BDO: We've fucked our second biggest tournament of the year up

PDC: Hold my beer

Yes, we get down to the last 16 of one of the PDC's most prominent tournaments of the year, and their data supplier gets half way through the evening session and is like "nope, can't be arsed, we're going down the pub". I'm looking at the BDO's website right now and I can look at complete breakdowns of every single completed match in their major! This is coming just two days after they had the greatest single fuck up in the history of darts since the WDC/BDO split! If it was an isolated incident, I could understand it, but this has happened on and off for YEARS now. That it happens in a televised event, so they don't even need someone there or someone who is reliant on the oft-failing stream, makes this absolutely unforgivable.

I think, hope, that ITV's player allows for catch up. If so, I'm looking to get the Chizzy and Rapid games sorted as soon as. I may be able to get some bets up for tomorrow, but frankly I doubt I have the time.

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