Sunday 27 October 2019


Quick post - don't really fancy any bets, maybe Cross is a bit of value at 8/11, but Gurney's hitting the right stuff at the right time and has been playing excellent stuff, probably one I regret passing on, Price is a small favourite, seems about right given how things have turned out. In the BDO, we've got Mario against John and Michael against Scott, first one ought to be tight, neither really hit the heights of previous rounds, hard to know exactly what to make of the other one, given that we're waiting for the match report and Waites only just won, but Warburton really struggled to get past Teehan whereas Waites swept Hamilton, so you'd think Scott would have the edge.

Couple of people won through to the worlds today - Devon Petersen unsurprisingly won the Devon Petersen qualifier, whereas Boris Koltsov won the Boris Koltsov qualifier, which actually had a stream with old school screengrabs of a clipboard for a scorecard when the graphics failed, make the best of what you have I suppose!

Edit - should mention that the Euro semi final field features numbers 2-5 of the FRH rankings, with £28k for a semi final win and another £60k for a final win there could be some significant movement, Gurney will move ahead of Price if he lasts longer than him and can pass Smith if he binks over Price in the final, Price can pass Smith with a bink and pass Cross with a bink over Gurney, whereas Smith can pass Cross if he lasts longer. Plenty for everyone to play for, the additional upshot of these results is that Lennon and O'Connor have clinched Grand Slam places, White will be in unless we get two finalists next week that haven't already qualified, and I believe Burton said Suljovic was on the bubble, so is safe for now unless we get just the one surprise finalist.

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