Wednesday 16 October 2019

In, out, in, out, shake it all about

Thank fuck Ratajski won through today's World Series qualifier

I guess the Venn diagram of people that read this blog and don't follow Burton on Twitter has no intersection, so I'm assuming everyone has seen this chart:

That's who's in the worlds. The question I'm asking is who are the weakest players that are in (for these purposes, I'm assuming that Jamie Lewis is not in for sure, and I'll chuck Razma and Rydz as in given I have data on them), and who are the strongest players that aren't? That's all just fun with filters, so let's pick 15 from each category, sorting by season long points per turn - for those that haven't made it I'll assume a 180 leg minimum sample size - if you're not turning up to all the Pro Tour events and getting dicked 6-0 then you don't deserve consideration, and plus, 180, woo:

Hmm, I was actually expecting a lot more overlap with good players not currently in at the top. Never mind - at least looking at that list, there's still chances for many of these to get in, even if it's just through the PDPA qualifier. No idea what Cadby is actually doing with himself, but the Oceanic Masters has to be on. Schindler could still get in through the Bundesliga. Harris could win the New Zealand qualifier (or Oceanic Masters for that matter). Petersen can win the Petersen qualifier. Rafferty is not drawing completely dead on the Development Tour, he'd need a hell of a weekend to overhaul Geert Nentjes, but it's possible. I don't know whether Lerchbacher's regional qualifier, if he opted for it over the PDPA qualifier (can they still do that?), has already gone, is he in the same region as the one Pratnemer won? Koltsov's got to be an overwhelming favourite to win the EADC event.

In any case, ooh, look, there's Simon Whitlock, let's invite him to our TV events!

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