Sunday 10 May 2020

Home Tour 25

Hmm, last couple of nights didn't really go to plan with Jesus Noguera and Daniel Larsson coming from nowhere to deny our White/Noppert and DvD combinations (Larsson swept the group ffs, I didn't think he'd take a point), do we see anything interesting in group 25? Not really sure why Brown is getting a redo, but it is what it is, we've also got Jose de Sousa, Reece Robinson and Robert Thornton in there. My first thought is that Robinson/Thornton would be outsiders roughly equal valued, and that de Sousa should be favoured over Keegan, but he'll probably remain undervalued and not be a huge favourite over him, so maybe Jose at around 6/4, Brown 2/1 or so and the others in the 4/1-5/1 range, which, er, is exactly what 365 are pricing things at. As such I don't think there's any value, I'm not sure that de Sousa really takes this that much more often than 40% of the time that we can have a stab at it.

Should note that the notice of the BDO's "commercial arm", whatever that is, seems to be going busto, hopefully that should help to push things further towards what should be the natural order of PDC = professional game, WDF = worldwide amateur game, anything else = no pretence of anything beyond national level. Of course, the probability of anything concrete going forward in the current climate seems slim to none. Lancashire having apparently voted to leave the BICC today and the apparent discontent of all the Scottish counties will surely just accelerate the obvious demise of the BDO.

Thinking of who we've still got left to see play in the Home Tour, with 25 groups accounting for 98 players and two Keegan Browns we're down to 29 left:

Aaron Beeney (key working), Adrian Lewis, Barrie Bates, Benito van de Pas (said he's not playing), Boris Krcmar, Brendan Dolan, Cristo Reyes, Darren Penhall, Daryl Gurney (said he's not playing), Derk Telnekes (already pushed back once?), Gary Anderson (streaming on potato), Jason Lowe, Jeffrey de Zwaan (injured, but originally said he wasn't playing), Josh Payne, Madars Razma (starts too late), Mark McGeeney, Marko Kantele (said he's not playing), Mensur Suljovic, Mervyn King, Michael Barnard, Michael van Gerwen (said he's not playing), Steffen Siepmann (said he's not playing), Steve Lennon (said he's not playing), Steve West, Vincent van der Voort (said he's not playing), Wayne Jones, Wesley Harms (said he's not playing), Willie O'Connor, Yordi Meeuwisse.

Groups 26-28 apparently drop today, but there's not many left that haven't ruled themselves out, or at least have been rumoured to be out at least on Twitter when first announced (Noppert was apparently out but later played). Not sure what they do from here, but we should know soon enough.

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