Friday 15 May 2020

Home Tour - more stuff

I now see that they've released the last four groups, and Ando's manage to upgrade his potato up to some sort of slightly better vegetable and is able to play. At this point, words fail me, and I feel incredibly sorry for anyone who had outright punts on Chizzy, Aspinall, or anyone half decent who had won an early group and looked value given that they knew there was no Anderson, van Gerwen, Price or Wright at that time. Then again, if you are putting any more than token money for comedy value on a friendly event, then I'm not really sure what to say.

The Remote Darts League 2 - Electric Boogaloo has been announced, and it's got a few interesting names - seeing Tricole should be interesting enough, I kind of guessed that Veenstra might be someone that got picked up, and getting some good antipodean and north American representation is a decent enough addition. The ladies' selections are pretty underwhelming though - obviously they're not going to have got any of the big three, but while Turner and Winstanley aren't bad players by any stretch of the imagination, the other two I've never heard of. Seems a bit like selecting ladies' players for the sake of it, if they'd have stuck with the first two then I think it'd be fine, but selecting two players I've never heard of, one of whom doesn't even have a dartsdatabase record, is a little bit overkill. I'm also not really sure what they're doing with the format, I've heard some sort of weird partial group system but I guess all will become clear in due course.

Also, we've got the German Superleague tomorrow. Apparently streamed - is this live? I'd guess so seeing how the Bundesliga's starting tomorrow as well, may need to catch a bit of that, it's more hope that we're getting a bit closer to normality, and that we might see other live action sooner rather than later and some part of the season might be saved.

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