Wednesday 11 November 2020


Not sure we learned a great deal from the first event to be honest. It was good to finally see Michael Smith back in the winners' circle, that's for sure, but I think what we can mostly draw from it is a few players getting back to what they can do. Wattimena's a name we haven't mentioned for a while, but Jermaine made the final with an absolutely spectacular semi final performance against Brendan Dolan. Nice run for Conan Whitehead. Some good performances from non card holders - Jim Williams won his board, Keane Barry was a leg away, same with Scott Taylor, Ritchie Edhouse got a very good win over Dave Chisnall before drawing Barry. A few good performances - William Borland won three deciders to reach the last 16, Martin Schindler managed a great win over Gerwyn Price.

On to today, and there's some great draws here. Ando's withdrawn, you would have thought they could have tested someone either local to Cov (where is Kevin Dowling when you need him) or who's happy to stay local who they can give a test for to fill in at the last minute. Scanning down, the very first match listed is Jim Williams against Scott Mitchell which could easily have been a BDO/WDF world final this year, if there was one. David Evans gets a good test against DvD. Potential Wade/Lewis second round game. Cross against Dimitri in round one. Searle/Pipe on the same board should be very competitive. Potential Krzysztof vs Krzysztof in round two (or John vs John?). Sedlacek/Woodhouse could be surprisingly good. McGeeney against Webster might surprise us, with Webster currently on the outside looking in for the worlds. Boulton against Klaasen ought to be good with, again, both needing money to make the worlds. Potential Aspinall/Barry game in round two ought to be very good and should happen. Chizzy gets de Zwaan, nice high scoring good pace potential there. Jose de Sousa has drawn Jason Lowe, oh my. Bunting against Whitlock could easily be a major quarter final from a few years ago.

Will take a look at some of the races (PC Finals, worlds) this evening. Have taken White, Noppert and Clemens each way, I don't see anyone I love in the second quarter.

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