Sunday 1 November 2020

Final session views

Market has things at 60/40 in favour of Petersen and 75/25 in favour of Wright. That Clayton line looks like enough value for a small play, 0.1u Clayton 3/1, projections give him a little bit more than a one in three shot, so I think we can take that one.

The Wade line's close enough to accurate to avoid this one. Devon probably has a little bit better chances than what's listed, but it's not by much (it's not like he's a two in three shout or anything like that), and as 4/6 is only available in one place, we can pass on that one.

As for the final, if it were to be Petersen/Clayton I'd expect 60/40, Petersen/Wright's around 45/55, Wade/Clayton would be about 45/55 again, while Wade/Wright would be 1/2. So use those as guidelines if you want to take a shot on the final, I don't expect there to be any wild variance from these though.

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