Monday 16 November 2020

Some quick thoughts from today

- God damnit Mikuru, why couldn't you have pinned that double?

- Warren looked bad. Always going to be a tough ask against Aspinall, but he was so far off the pace it was unbelievable. Months with no match practice is a problem.

- Looks like Devon's returned to a bit of form, that bad mutual first leg dragged things down a bit but he looked pretty damn solid after that.

- No real complaints with any of the bets. Searle just needed a bit more composure on the doubles in leg 3. Pipe really didn't turn up, it happens and we thought it might do. MvG was unplayable against Hunt. Wattimena covered all the losses so that's all good.

- Dimitri played quite well.

- Ando seemed a bit mardy. If you want to hide in your house afraid of a big scary virus for the rest of your life, nobody's stopping you, just retire. Would only affect half a dozen events a year nowadays. Nice job by Gawlas to keep it somewhat close, just missed too many doubles early.

- Solid effort from Wade. Heta didn't really do too much wrong. James was just better on the day.

- Humphries got to be annoyed with missed doubles. Plenty of clean shots at tops across two legs. Just pin any of them.

- Clayton/Joyce sounded like it was a good game, pretty competitive throughout.

- Nice showing from Clemens. Cullen had a couple of legs where he didn't really score, but was otherwise on the money throughout.

- Would really have liked to watch Ratajski against de Sousa (no Sky here). Back and forth battle, result seems fair enough, Jose just had that little bit extra throughout the match.

- Big result for Dirk. In what could be a real tough group, nicking the two points against the clear favourite is going to be huge.

Looks like they're doing the usual winner vs winner, loser vs loser setup tomorrow, I'll post up percentages here since the restart where I've got data (so will basically ignore the Gawlas, Warren and Suzuki games):

van Gerwen 57/43 Clemens
Cullen 63/37 Hunt
Anderson 52/48 Whitlock
de Sousa 56/44 Smith
Ratajski 84/16 Ashton
Chisnall 55/45 Cross
Humphries 59/41 Pipe
Wright 64/36 White
Petersen 67/33 van Duijvenbode
Wade 60/40 Wattimena
Durrant 53/47 Heta
Price 63/37 Clayton
van den Bergh 50/50 Aspinall

Check for bets in the morning. Looks like some lines are up for the morning, but will just blast them all out in a quick post when possible.

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