Friday 24 September 2021

Gib first session bets

Bookmakers are being cowards and not putting up lines for the domestic qualifier matches, but as mentioned in the previous post, I doubt we see any value in them, so let's whack through the other first session games. Bit short of time, so will do the evening session on my lunch.

Harrysson/Barry - Hard to know where he's at really given he didn't travel to Iceland for the Nordic Tour.  I like Barry, but I don't think he's quite at a level where we're taking a best price of 1/3 against someone who will have come through a qualifier of a reasonable standard.

Kleermaker/Murnan - Two matches between understated players here, Martijn has quietly been getting fairly close to major qualification, while Joe has got a decent record as well, most notably at Q-School. We can get 13/10 on Joe here on 365 which looks a little bit of an outlier (others have it closer to evens, only looking at three books as oddschecker haven't got their shit together), I have Joe as a slight favourite but not really enough to take it. I'd be all over 6/4.

Hunt/Nentjes - Adam's not particularly young now but definitely a player on the rise, Geert has a bunch of potential but yet to really show it, I'm getting Geert as a very solid near 2-1 favourite here, and Adam is the favourite in the market, so 0.25u Nentjes 13/10 on 365.

Murray/Evetts - Bookies can't separate them. I can't either. No value, but should be a decent watch.

Kovacs/Cross - Rob is a best price of 1/16 lol

Henderson/Krcmar - With the World Cup being unranked and mostly pairs, Hendo's decent form isn't in my database, so it is showing Boris as a tiny favourite. We can't get better than 6/5, so this is less of a bet than Murnan should be.

Expect later tips around 1330 UK time.

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