Thursday 23 September 2021

Gib stuff to come later

I can't find any details about the HNQ, so I'll wait to see who comes up there before making a fuller post. There's lines up for the other 12 games, hopefully oddschecker will get in gear later today. Given who the HNQ's have got, I wouldn't be entertaining a bet against either Mervyn King or Callan Rydz. Probably not against Adam Smith-Neale given the competent level he's played at on the Challenge Tour. Kenny Neyens I might think about, but just checking his Challenge Tour stats, he looks to be playing at a decent enough standard to keep the other guy down.

Some real spicy first round ties. Murray/Evetts could surprise. Searle/Schindler is obscenely good, with the winner to play Ratajski who needs the points after losing first round last time. Koltsov/Huybrechts might not be bad if Boris turns up. Bunting/Hempel might be a dark horse for match of the round. Hunt/Nentjes might end up being surprisingly entertaining as well. Not interested in his first round game, but Cross getting MvG in round two ought to not be bad. Assuming he gets through as well, Keane Barry getting a good test against Danny Noppert should give us a decent indicator of where Keane's stage game is at. Hendo/Krcmar has a lot of potential, Humphries/Clemens is a nasty draw for both but one with a lot of potential against one of the weaker seeds in Petersen in round two. Not a bad draw at all.

Expect some bets later this evening.

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