Sunday 26 September 2021

Gib quarters

Can't be disappointed with the Noppert bet. If anything, I'm disappointed I didn't go larger, even though it would have resulted in a larger lost. Grabbing four match darts as a 3/1 dog seems to indicate we were on the right side of the line, all we can do is keep doing that and the results will come. Quarter finals starting in about an hour, we have these games:

Whitlock/Dolan - Should be quite close. I'm seeing Dolan as a small favourite - as is the market. I've got a touch over 55%, so with him at around 5/6, there's no advantage either way. Big opportunity for both players here.

Ratajski/Suljovic - Bit surprised Mensur won earlier so easily, but that's that, this should still be a tricky match up and Ratajski is correctly a small favourite. 8/11 is close to worth it, I'm seeing it right in the 60-65% range for Krzysztof, but we won't go with it. Ratajski's not looked fantastic this weekend after all.

Price/van Gerwen - Oh boy, this should be good. The bookies can't separate them at 10/11 the pair, if it was a bit more weighted in favour of MvG I'd probably take Price who I see at a shade over 55% to claim it. But it isn't, so we won't.

Wade/Aspinall - Another game where the bookies can't split them. I can't either. So we won't bet this one either.

I won't be back on for the semis and finals, but with the pricing as it is I'm guessing there won't be any value whatsoever.

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