Saturday 10 September 2022

ET11 round 2

Quick one here, little disappointing I didn't go to the expanded plays I was looking at, taking Evans and Sedlacek would have turned a small loss on Scutt into an even smaller gain overall, but no big deal, sixteen games today (wow!), will just mention the lines I'm liking for plays as I'm short of time:

0.1u Beaton 7/2 vs Aspinall, Steve's still got just about enough class and quality to take this one out of three, so an implied chance of down at 22% in the market gives us enough edge. Will preface this with saying that Aspinall's form is a natural concern, but we'll still take the shot.

And, oddly, that's it. There were one or two where we had a small edge, and I was tempted to take de Sousa at heavily odds on just because I can't believe Horvat's level of play will get him anywhere close, but nothing that is notable as even a maybe. Oh well.

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