Friday 23 September 2022

ET12 round one tips

Oddschecker's working (at least for the games not featuring qualifiers), and there's a good selection of lines on it, so I'll list the picks here, all the analysis is in the previous post so I won't repeat myself here:

0.5u Doets 4/11, really should be shorter
0.25u van Veen 7/4, seems underrated and there's enough edge here to go with a quarter unit play
0.25u Zonneveld 11/10, as mentioned in the analysis he's playing the better darts and appears better than 60%, so to get odds against is quite the coup
0.25u Hughes 10/11, I can see why they have priced this as evens given the relative OOM rankings, but we know better than to look at those
1u King 1/9, this seems like free money
0.25u Gilding 10/11, this seems like the exact same situation as the Hughes game, except with a little bit less edge.

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