Friday 3 March 2023

UK Open round 4 draw thoughts

What a great day of darts it's been so far, not being able to find anything on van Veen against Owen aside, hopefully someone puts a recording of the stream up. And it's going to get better tonight, that is one hell of a draw and you could easily find a dozen games worthy of being put on the main stage, and there's not too many at all which look like complete duds. Let's put it this way - you've got Wade/Ando, Humphries/Heta, Ratajski/DvD, Barney/Cross, Noppert/Williams, DvdB/Clemens, Searle/Dobey and Smith/Clayton, and NONE of them are likely to be on the main stage assuming they pick the big four, all of which have got really interesting matchups in their own rights (MvG/Chizzy, Smith/White, Price/Banks and Wright/Bunting). Let's put up some percentages while we wait for the bookies to populate lines - was a pretty solid day, 4.35 units bet and 0.8 units profit for a steady high teens return in ROI. Some of these might have really limited sample sizes (looking mainly at Banks and Littler here, but also some newer card holders like Slevin although most have been filtered out), so some of these might be a bit unreliable, but when I actually start to make the best I'll take all that into account.

Labanauskas - de Sousa 11/89
Woodhouse - Klaasen 70/30
Killington - Kleermaker 61/39
Suljovic - Sedlacek 51/49

Gawlas - Littler 26/74
Wade - Anderson 24/76
Campbell - Lewis 41/59
van Gerwen - Chisnall 61/39

O'Connor - Wattimena 54/46
Price - Banks 99/1
Humphries - Heta 48/52
Ratajski - van Duijvenbode 33/67

van Barneveld - Cross 43/57
de Zwaan - Jansen 66/34
King - Barry 59/41
Rafferty - Evetts 55/45

Schindler - Whitlock 59/41
Huybrechts - de Decker 28/72
Slevin - Cullen 18/82
Noppert - Williams 58/42

Rydz - Gurney 58/42
van den Bergh - Clemens 63/37
Doets - Lukeman 41/59
Burnett - Hempel 59/41

Rodriguez - Beaton 52/48
van der Voort - Dolan 32/68
Smith - White 74/26
Bunting - Wright 36/64

Soutar - Aspinall 29/71
Searle - Dobey 58/42
Evans - Gilding 27/73
Smith - Clayton 41/59

Back shortly with actual plays.

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