Sunday 19 November 2017

Back in the UK, and other Scooter references

On my phone and looking at the results from the quarter finals onwards. Some brief thoughts having not looked into the stats in huge detail:

- Very surprised that Gurney was only able to claim the four legs, would have imagined he'd have kept it close for longer and not dropped twelve straight. Just got to hope that it doesn't ruin his confidence really, there's another big event rapidly coming up where he should be able to get something going.

- On a related note, I see Phil appears to have been throwing moodies again, first criticising Gurney for apparently not having fun (how dare someone possibly be not 100% cheerful when having a bad day at, what is to all intents and purposes, work), then not exactly being sporting in defeat to MvG. It's your penultimate tournament, why not enjoy it yourself rather than sticking the knife in others.

- Cross is clearly getting more and more comfortable on the TV stage, I caught a bit of his game yesterday (what I could, somehow German TV isn't all digital yet and it was like watching through a snowstorm as early 90's satellite often was, that and falling asleep) and it's only a matter of time before he wins a big one.

- Wright at the end of the Anderson game seemed incredible, if I've read it right, he held twice in four visits, broke in four visits and held in five in the decider to claim the win. Will need to keep that up for longer in installment 94 of him against van Gerwen, seems unlikely, the market is where it's been for most of the time in their previous matches so I can't see any value.

- Munch to the worlds, really?

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