Saturday 25 November 2017

Players Championship day 2

Just a quick post to say that we were up 0.6 units yesterday, not a bad return, almost perfect but for Richardson missing a match dart and Kyle Anderson not performing late in the game against Meulenkamp. I've not identified any decent bets today, and as I'm at the evening kickoff at Bramall Lane I won't be in a position to look at the evening session either, but should hopefully be able to catch up on putting the stats in (doesn't help that the PDC stats site has completely broken the first two legs of the Reyes/Jacques match but I think I've been able to extrapolate that Jacques won the first two legs in six and five visits, from there I can use the average to calculate what Reyes scored, it may not be exact but with the amount of data on both players it should be close enough). Look back tomorrow morning for quarter final analysis.

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