Thursday 23 November 2017

Players Championship Finals round 1 bets

Sixty four players, thirty two betting opportunities, one day. Hopefully having a broad knowledge of the whole scene will pay dividends, our bets are as follows:

0.5u Lennon 4/6 v Lerchbacher
0.25u Richardson 6/4 v Thornton
0.5u King 4/7 v Dolan
1u Whitlock 1/4 v Kist
0.25u O'Connor 27/20 v Wilson
0.25u Clayton 8/13 v de Graaf
0.5u Anderson 4/11 v Meulenkamp

Funny that, in terms of the stats I posted previously, the closest line was Norris/Klaasen, and the bookies have it lined up at evens take your pick. Was a bit surprised at just how many lines were quite close to the projections posted earlier, certainly enough that are close enough to not want to court variance in a race to six.

A bit tempted by Pipe, Hudson, Cullen, Painter, Suljovic, Dekker and de Zwaan, if you're looking for some fun punts you could do worse than go here, but I won't add these to the official book. Will add that the Whitlock bet is somewhat dependent on Kist still being gout afflicted 60-average Kist, if you hear anything on Twitter that he's playing OK then don't bet it, but I'm adding it regardless.

Shame that Jenkins and Baxter aren't playing the PDPA qualifier. With 100+ names fighting for two or three spots it's going to be a minefield, but whoever comes through should be dangerous enough, will be interesting to see who comes through it.

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