Sunday 12 November 2017

Grand Slam Day 2

Day 1's in the books, won't get too greedy and complain about de Zwaan's missed match darts, he got himself into a position which is all you want really, Durrant saved the day with what bad stats will call an impressive performance (pending looking at good stats myself), not a huge number of surprises but van Peer over Whitlock came out of nowhere, Menzies keeping it fairly close against Anderson raised somewhat of an eyebrow, while Robbie Green and Mark Webster's wins are a bit of a surprise.

Oddschecker's still unable to split games by day so it looks horrible, will try my best to interpret what they're saying:

0.25u de Zwaan 6/4 v Mitchell, Scott's two won legs were five visit legs and he was in position to get another couple if Chisnall hadn't killed first waiting on 24 and 64 after twelve darts, but the other three legs were nothing special, leaving 101 after 12 , 46 after 15 and 138 after 15 (!), so de Zwaan, who's in form, should have the game to nick this 40% of the time.

0.25u Menzies 2/1 v Whitlock, against Anderson he was putting himself into positions to finish in fifteen darts quite well, although he only actually got one of his legs in five visits - leg three he had a dart for it, leg four he was on double after 12, leg six he was on a finish after 9, while Whitlock really wasn't scoring at all against van Peer - only the twelve darter in leg 6 looked impressive. Seems a decent outside punt.

0.25u Montgomery 6/5 v Murnan, Joe was basically just scoring the entirety of the match, only getting two darts at double in the whole game, at the end of a 137 out and one with his eighteenth dart of the second leg, and he still only averaged high 80's. That's not good, and Montgomery showed enough scoring that he should be able to generate more chances at double in this one.

0.25u Cross 7/2 v van Gerwen, Rob shouldn't be that much of a dog to anyone in the world in a race to five legs. when he's played van Gerwen he's generally been able to keep it fairly close early on so it wouldn't take too much for him to push over the line, and we don't need it to happen that often for it to be a profitable bet.

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