Tuesday 1 January 2019

2019 Year End FRH Rankings

You have two columns, I couldn't get the Blogger table format to work after getting it to work for last year's scoring. We have slightly less churn than last year in that we've had 23 players drop off as opposed to 24, the highest ranked player to fall off being Robbie Green from number 46 to not even in the top 100. Danny Noppert's the highest new entry.

A reminder to newer readers who may not know how the FRH rankings work - we count all cashes in PDC ranking events in the same way as the PDC do, except we do not arbitrarily remove cash for arbitrary reason. If a seed fails in the first round of a European Tour event, that counts. If someone loses a tour card, gives up a tour card or otherwise never had a tour card their score does not reset back to zero. We then have the value of the prize count in full as the PDC does, but only for the first four and a bit months - it then degrades linearly at 1% every six days until, two years after the cash was earned, it is at zero. Hence more recent cashes count much more strongly, which gives a better idea of where players are at right now, rather than where they have been in the past.

A shout out to Ron Meulenkamp. He's been at number 55 at the end of the year three years running now. Nothing if not consistent!

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