Monday 7 January 2019

More BDO matches in the book

No bets spring out as huge value at this stage, I might have a nibble at Conan Whitehead over Mark McGeeney as that looks a fairly large price between players who, Whitehead's losing average aside, didn't look too dissimilar in the stats. Warren played alright yesterday, but to date he's the only player who won their match with more won legs in fifteen darts or less than sixteen darts or more (Veenstra was one off being level and threw four twelve dart or better legs, which isn't bad and actually accounts for half of all the twelve darters or better thrown to date). That's got to make him somewhat favoured if he can keep this up. Still, Unterbuchner's starting soon, Williams starts tonight, and Parletti/Mitchell/Durrant kick off tomorrow, so maybe it improves a bit?

It'll be interesting to compare the 32 first round losers in the PDC with the 32 players to make the tournament proper in the BDO and see who scores better. Another week to go on that. On Whitehead, he doesn't play again until Wednesday apparently so I've got a bit of time to think about that one.

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