Thursday 31 January 2019

Players Championship 1/2

Some interesting players skipping the events. Cadby we basically knew, Adie is maybe a bit of a surprise, Darren Webster definitely is, Killington and Harrington, maybe they're thinking they're too far off retaining and off the pace and will scale things down in 2019, who knows. The odd ones are Jamie Hughes and Niels Zonneveld - both new tour card holders, both won it direct on day 1. Now maybe they've booked exbos, have prior personal commitments, who knows, it does seem slightly odd though.

The upshot is that Koltsov, Prins, Todd, Rafferty, Edhouse, Carroll and Burton are in. I'm mostly interested in seeing how the players who didn't win a Challenge Tour event do - Koltsov, Edhouse and Burton we all know should be legit, and Carroll's screaming out one hit wonder and won't get anywhere, but the others are interesting for various reasons so we'll see how they do.

I note that Barney's entered - that he's recognised to enter and get a start for the season is a good sign, the only problem is that he's nowhere near a seed, so there's a one in three shot that he gets an awkward draw in the first round, but hey, what can you do.

Odd that Gary Anderson's still in it, but has withdrawn from the Masters. Nice to see that he's correct in where the priorities lie!

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