Friday 4 January 2019

Some random BDO punts I like

These are mostly stabs in the dark, so use with caution:

0.25u Whitehead evs vs Phillips - his numbers from what I've got don't seem bad, at least compared to Martin's

0.25u Hogan 8/13 vs Newton - unless Wes has improved his game a lot from earlier in the year, which in fairness is perfectly possible, I don't see how he can live with someone like Paul

0.25u Warren 2/5 vs Layton - Wayne's been great all year and it's got a hint of just glad to be here for Mark.

0.1u Suzuki 7/2 vs Ashton - this is purely because Burton's hyping Mikuru up and not based on anything concrete at all.

0.1u Pogdorska 7/5 vs Gulliver - I'm not convinced that Trina's been useful in years and if her darts are as good as her commentary she's done.

Mike van Duivenbode won the second tour card today, a second Dutch youngster who just turned 20 today. Nice for him, he's not done a great deal on the senior circuit but has won on the Development Tour, the Dutch invasion continues.

Final quick comment - can anyone think of a single good reason why someone, if they have PDC ranking money into the end of 2018, but has no tour card, shouldn't be allowed to retain it if they win one in Q-School? By the time everyone else at the relevant year's Q-School is at the spot where they've used their two years it won't count anyway, surely this is fairest to those who for all intents and purposes have kept a card continuously, and will potentially help to turf out those players drakking around just above the cutoff?

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