Tuesday 8 January 2019

Couple more BDO punts

0.25u Whitehead 13/5 vs McGeeney, I'm going with what I was thinking the other day. I'm still yet to be convinced that Mark's a legitimate top top BDO player, Whitehead's first round wasn't great but McGeeney's wasn't either, while earlier in my database Whitehead was playing fairly competently, compare what both have done from 2018 Lakeside onwards and it's quite similar. It's a big price and seems worth the shot.

0.25u Warren 11/8 vs Unterbuchner, this is based on a couple of things, firstly Warren was the stand out performer of round one so far, averaging very strongly despite not getting a huge amount of help. Secondly, Warren's been that much more consistent over the year, 70 legs since 2018 Lakeside and around 65% of them are in fifteen darts. Michael's played a lot more but is twenty (!) percentage points lower.

0.25u Williams 2/5 vs Reynolds, he's just that much better. Reynolds won one leg in fifteen darts against Day and averaged under 77. The numbers don't lie. Williams did what he needed to against Janssen, and seems like a very classy operator. Ought to be very safe here.

0.25u Suzuki 1/3 vs Prins and 0.25u Sherrock 2/7 vs O'Brien, I'm just looking at the difference in averages and doing nothing else here, these two look incredibly safe bets and should run down to a tasty looking semi final.

The tournament's getting to the interesting stage now, we've lost most of the weaker players and, Ashton and Hedman aside in the ladies, haven't had too many major casualties so it should be primarily big guns facing off against each other from here on out.

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