Wednesday 9 January 2019

It's coming home

Oh wait, McGeeney lost, so despite having a number one seed in one code and a semi finalist in the other, Stockport will continue to wait to have a world champion. Still, if there's a debutant at Lakeside at 61, I've got a quarter of a century to work out that drift into both the five and the one at the same time.

Tomorrow we've got effectively ladies day, with four quarters, I can't see anything interesting in the top half (I'd lay Gulliver again, but Winstanley may not even be the best darts player in her own family at this stage given her average in the first round). There's some mens games, but Durrant is prohibitive, Mitchell more or less is, and while McKinstry should win, he's too short and hasn't done anything to suggest that we should look at things in the slightest.

Probably back tomorrow. We ought to be at the quarters/semis phase in the mens/ladies respectively and have a bit more data to work with.

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