Sunday 6 January 2019

Brief BDO thoughts so far

I've not watched a single dart, what with not having Eurosport and spending yesterday afternoon on higher priorities like buying shoes and this afternoon on higher priorities like watching us lose at home to Barnet, so any thoughts are based purely on the stats. It really hasn't kicked off yet, has it? We've had, with the Warren game yet to come through the teleprinter, nearly 200 legs, of which well over 40 have taken more than eighteen darts to win. That's not a good standard. Sure, Durrant's not played, neither's Williams, Unterbuchner or Mitchell, but that's not a good standard. If anything, the standard in the ladies event is better and it's a more interesting event to look at. Suzuki's at least blown that right open, and once some of the deadwood has been cleaned out of that one, it should be pretty exciting.

Meanwhile in the PDC, Labanauskas has claimed the last tour card (after Christian Bunse got one on Saturday), which is long overdue, and much to the relief of autocomplete functions everywhere, kept Vincent van der Meer out - except he'll almost certainly get one on countback. Razma's there, Kantele and Meeuwisse have the same points, so it's then a case of how they divide up the 18 spots on countback. If there's twice the entrants in the UK event, then it'd be John Michael (whatever happened to him the last couple of years?) and then one of de Sousa and Kuivenhoven, if there's not so much of a late run of entrants and they give not seven, but eight spots to the Euro event, then they've got a six way clusterfuck to sort out involving Rasztovits, Sedlacek, Gödl, Steyer, Jirkal and Koltsov. Still, at least if they don't get in they should get into the UK Open qualifiers... oh.

I think if they get up to 400 entries, which they should do, then it'll be a max of seven spots. I really hope that de Sousa manages to get one, I don't know how they'll sort out ties, but he's shown more than enough over the last month to show that he belongs on tour.

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