Saturday 1 June 2019

1000 not out

The more observant of you (or those who have far too much time on their hands) might have noticed that the betting tracking widget is now showing a record of 489-511 - which is exactly 1,000 bets in the bank. Just for fun, a few pieces:

For reference, roughly half the best have come since the 2018 worlds, which coincides with the introduction of DartConnect - while the first half is mostly drakking around, since then we had an amazing worlds and then had much, much more data to work with than what I'd just pulled from the European Tour and majors.

Who've we bet on the most?

That's anyone we've bet on more than 10 times, and it shouldn't be a surprise that Ian White leads the way. Who've we bet against the most?

The model hated Wade for a long, long time, so it's not too much of a surprise to see him up there. Same with Gurney really, MvG we've talked about recently, Whitlock we've been freely laying for ages. Who's made us the most profit to bet on?

Klaasen and Webster are way up there, pretty much solely based on the two biggest single wins in the records - taking Webster over Whitlock in the 2015 worlds at 3/1 for a full unit, then taking Klaasen over Taylor at 7/2 for three quarters of a unit a year later. van Gerwen's helped by a rare early Premier League bet on Gary Anderson when he was somehow odds against to win a match, which was nice. Oddly enough, and I won't put up the chart, Klaasen is also in the top five most profitable players when we're betting against him - beaten only by Whitlock, Wright and Jamie Lewis. I'd say maybe we should just bet more on Klaasen any time we do so out of general principle, but that kind of requires him to get into events where there is a market - sort it out Jelle!

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