Thursday 27 June 2019

When I said that qualifier might take a while...

It's still going on, Sebastian Steyer won the eastern Euro one some time last week, but right now it's Sedlacek, some guy called Ondrej Pisek (no idea), one game's just about over and another's only just starting. Hopefully nobody's got any games scheduled early on tomorrow afternoon... with it not being Koltsov and the Czech qualifier taking all day, betting opportunities are limited, so let's just post what we have rather than going through every game:

0.25u West 11/10, it's a small advantage but there's an advantage - I'm seeing West around 54%, he needs to win this game and then go on from here to make the Matchplay, he's averaging more than King and while they're both a bit inconsistent there's nothing in it to suggest this shouldn't be the other way around.

0.5u Hughes 4/7, this should be nearer 4/11. I'm simply not a believer in Petersen - Hughes is much, much better and that Hughes is the favourite by this much isn't anywhere near enough of an accurate representation of the difference in class.

That's about it - five games were basically off the board from tonight's qualifiers, another five were off the board because I lack data on Bellmont, Borland, Garcia, Nijman and Larsson, while the remaining four (the Pipe, Gilding, Ratajski and Bunting games) looked close enough to what I'm seeing to not consider.

Vaclav Schieferdecker has just got through into the third qualifier spot and appears to be close to a free win, the last one's still got a way to go, I'm not waiting up. Be back Saturday morning probably.

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