Sunday 16 June 2019

ET8 Quarter Finals - ahhhhh, that's better

Nice three out of four hits, including both of the underdog punts, have clawed back half of what we lost yesterday, still a pretty bad weekend but it looks a lot better than what it did six hours ago. We're down to eight players, it's a great spot for anyone other than Price (who's already there) to catapult themselves into a Grand Slam position - none of Cullen, Dobey, de Sousa, Clayton, Whitlock or Wattimena currently have a spot, and Chisnall's only just holding on as well. Moreover, we're guaranteed a new European Tour winner, at least for this season, what do we like betting wise?

Price/Cullen - It's a pity that Joe prevented the clean sweep of bets this afternoon, but if he's capable of beating Wright then he's capable of beating Price, who easily disposed of Bunting, who didn't really bring his best game. Price again is priced as about a 2-1 favourite, and as we think Bunting's a bit better than Cullen, we'll fire on Price again - 0.25u Price 4/9, it's not an amazing edge but Gerwyn's showing at 78%, which I'll take.

Dobey/de Sousa - Could this be the event where Dobey finally gets a first PDC title, or will Jose de Sousa be able to do the same? de Sousa was very impressive in slotting in a 100 average in defeat of Daryl Gurney 6-2, while Dobey saw off Shepherd by the same score line. Bookies have it bang even, maybe finally respecting what Jose can do, that looks more in line with where I have it. I've got Jose as a tiny favourite - nothing to start betting on, maybe Dobey's greater experience on big stages and at the business end of events will counteract raw stats anyway.

Clayton/Whitlock - Jonny took apart James Wade pretty comfortably, dropping just two legs and ending with a 146 out as both players averaged over a ton. Whitlock's win over Adrian Lewis was a lot less spectacular as neither averaged over 90, and it wasn't down to completely awful doubling either, but Simon got the win 6-3. The bookies have it even and I really don't know why, 0.25u Clayton evs, this looks like a 2-1 game in favour of the Welshman, he's won one of these and Simon having one decent win isn't going to dissuade me from looking at a season's worth of respective form. Might even be an argument to go half a unit here really.

Chisnall/Wattimena - Dave got through a last leg decider against Mensur Suljovic, pretty solid game until the last leg killed things, Dave was playing excellently prior to that but needed 21 darts to claim it, Suljovic missing two at 14's somehow for the match. Jermaine ended Ian White's winning streak in ten legs, another player to finish with a partypiece tops-tops 137 out. Chizzy's favoured 60/40 in the market, this looks close enough to me, I think he's slightly better than that but not enough to start betting it, Jermaine's got to be full of confidence having taken out the top seed.

Some FRH ranking notes - Wattimena can blast up to the top 16 if he claims it all, Dobey can get within a few grand of the top 20 with the same, while de Sousa can rise up into the top 64 if he does so. Looks like a wide open evening session, enjoy.

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