Saturday 22 June 2019

Mother of god, the prices of some people for PC17

I don't normally bet on outright events, and I wouldn't be making a post right now if it wasn't a blatant brag post, but everyone really needs to look at taking a few shots at the Players Championship events whenever van Gerwen isn't playing and likely taking up a final place a large proportion of the time. This is what the market looks like for tomorrow's event:

The absence of Cross and Anderson makes this even more wide open than the absence of van Gerwen alone - if you pick five players that are 20/1 or longer, then with favourable (i.e. half odds) each way terms, you only need one player to reach the final in order to lock in a profit. And if it works really well and someone wins (or, if you have the dream result I did and got both Ratajski and Aspinall), it's even better. You just need to look at players who are undervalued - I posted up a year long list of stats recently, go off that, but apart from those two (whose odds were obviously longer than they are now at 80's and 33's today) I went with Durrant (who's actually drifted tomorrow), de Zwaan and Hughes (who are the same price). I'd be tempted with the same lineup again, even at those shorter odds, but there's plenty of others that seem flat out undervalued. O'Connor jumps off the screen. The non-Whitlock Aussies, albeit not to the same extent. Dobey's well worthy of consideration. Ian White looks to have drifted from today and at 20's looks like he's worth the shot. Noppert maybe. Beaton could be worth it. Just check the draw at about 11 to make sure you don't run into a Price, Wade or Wright too soon and fire some bullets.

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