Sunday 30 June 2019

ET9 quarter finals - got to be some sort of Mastercard pun in there

As it's apparently priceless, boom boom. Not really what we wanted after Wattimena was a bit below par and Gilding completely failed to turn up, but it's made it somewhat open with us having Brown/Suljovic, Bunting/Gurney, White/Hughes (again) and King/Whitlock, so no, even if Price hadn't have cocked it up we wouldn't have had the dream match up with Cadby. That's dropped back what we had made in the round of 32 and leaves us down a fifth of a unit for the tournament.

It's now wide open, and unless Gurney or White get a second or third Euro Tour title of the year respectively, the winner's going to dump Durrant out of the Grand Slam and claim the provisional sixteenth spot as things stand, so a lot to play for. In terms of the Matchplay it's now very simple - Brown and van der Voort have clinched, and it's Wilson as the last one in unless Hughes binks it all, which given the field we have left and the way he's playing isn't a ridiculous concept at all. Who's going to get through to the semi finals?

Brown/Suljovic - Keegan got rid of Noppert pretty comfortably, Danny clawed his way back in a bit but was too far behind at that stage. Suljovic was in a bit of a hole against Evetts, but Ted then lost five straight and Mensur advanced. 0.25u Brown 8/5, I think this a fair bit closer and, while Suljovic is still the favourite in projections, he's only just over 50% - Brown's comfortably over the 40% we need here.

Bunting/Gurney - Stephen opened up a huge lead, but Dobey clawed it back from 4-0 to 4-4, then on throw neither could hold out so Bunting moves on. Gurney only lost one leg against Wattimena, who either couldn't score, or couldn't hit doubles when he did score. Not great. Bookies favour Gurney, I can't see a great deal between them at all, it's only Gurney's consistency that gives him a higher overall average, on winning legs they're extremely close to the point they project basically 50/50. As such, 0.25u Bunting 7/4.

White/Hughes - Ian didn't need to do much against Andrew Gilding who simply lost all ability to score and only hit one 140 in the whole match. Hughes was in a bit of a tussle with Ron Meulenkamp, Ron having some good timing to keep it close at 3-3 before Hughes pulled away. The market has this rightly close and I think whoever gets this one wins the event (assuming Hughes has improved his pacing since the last run he made on the Euro Tour), they've got White as a small favourite, I've got Hughes as a small favourite, but they're both so small there's nothing in it. Wouldn't blame anyone betting on Hughes if they wanted to though.

King/Whitlock - Mervyn edged out Cadby 6-4 in the King-off, Corey not really being on his game and only having a couple of holds that looked convincing legs throughout. Whitlock beat Price 6-3, disappointing performance from Gerwyn who basically started too slowly and then, after breaking to get it back on throw, threw the game straight back to Simon who took it from there. This one's only coming through with lines just now, but 365 are giving 0.25u King 11/10, which on a 60/40 looks pretty sweet.

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