Sunday 29 September 2019

Congrats to Callan Rydz

He got one heck of a draw, so that despite going out early to Darren Johnson, everyone else who could catch him was in the other half and/or went out early, as such he's got the tour card locked up. After coming so close for a couple of years, to claim it is overdue. Still unclear as to who is getting the other spot and who's getting to the worlds, Harris and Jenkins could still steal the card from Noguera if they binked, while Koltsov could nick the card with a final, and the worlds spot if he binks himself. Of course, today is the day where Dart Connect completely jumped the shark, not assigning boards from the last 64 onwards, board 25 more or less doesn't exist and board 28 is a bit fucked up as well, so I'm kind of guessing that Portela > Thomas was a last 64 game, Portela certainly made the last 32, I have no idea what F-0 represented on 28 with Martin Atkins (Wigan), I assumed the 0 meant Thexton was eliminated but he then played on and lost, who knows.

Gibraltar - van Gerwen lost, which was nice, White got home, which was nice, Wattimena couldn't quite manage it, can't win them all. Seems completely wide open now, it still won't be Cross winning a first after he missed match darts then lost to Price. Back later with a round up, sorting this CT20 is diverting my attention from analysing the quarters.

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