Monday 11 November 2019

Grand Slam day 3

Oh cool, Chicago's had snow. Time to leave before it drops to minus double figures, but before then, what do I like today?

0.1u Schindler 3/1, picking a dead rubber is dangerous but I don't think Martin should be that price, and he can play with a bit more freedom and tune up for the Superleague finals to try to get into the worlds.

0.25u Dolan 19/10, this is probably just now Gurney non belief, but Dolan has been playing well enough for some time to get this done well more than one in three and isn't going to be affected by for all intents and purposes a knockout game

That's it, Noppert and Warren are kind of tempting, Warren especially, although as Wayne can't actually qualify he might have switched off.

Looks like Lerchbacher made it back to Ally Pally, nice to see.

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