Wednesday 20 November 2019

PC Finals early thoughts

Bets tomorrow, but first, a picture:

This should give you a bunch of the relevant stats you need, but for now, I'll just pick my top 5 games that aren't being televised because reasons:

5) Joe Cullen v Kyle Anderson

Come on now, you've got two players who are decent on the stage, appear reasonably well liked and are reasonably well matched, what's not to like here?

4) Jonny Clayton v Ryan Meikle

This one might not be so close, but Clayton's won on tour this year and Meikle's a young rising talent who, while an underdog, isn't going to be without some sort of chance.

3) Brendan Dolan v Ross Smith

Smith's been value for money on TV all year, while Dolan's one of the hottest players on the circuit who's won two from the last ten Players Championship events, and this is on stage two why?

2) Ron Meulenkamp v Rob Cross

There's a two time major winner from this year and former world champion involved, and he's on the second stage? I can only assume they think Ron will get rolled, but regular readers will be aware Meulenkamp isn't a bad player in the slightest - if he gets hot. This is last on in the evening which, like Chisnall/Edgar, I suppose they're putting into a "flex" position if the TV stage is running quickly, but even so...

1) Jermaine Wattimena v Jamie Hughes

Now really, Hughes has won a European Tour event and looked one of the most dangerous players on the circuit, while Wattimena's finally starting to click on the TV stage and is in the equation for best player not to have won a ranking event to date.

Can honestly say a lot of the TV games really don't interest me. You're not going to shunt MvG/Humphries from the main stage, sure, but taking the likes of Dobey/Reyes, Hopp/Klaasen and Suljovic/Huybrechts don't seem anywhere near as interesting as what we've got on stage two. Even out of those we haven't mentioned, we've got a lot of games that should be close affairs and make for good darts, if not spectacular.

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