Monday 25 November 2019

Worlds draw quick hot takes

1 - Jesus christ Durrant is cursed

Jose de Sousa or Damon Heta? That's unbelievably brutal whoever he gets. Opposite Gurney I half fancied him to get through to the last sixteen and see from there, but it's extremely possible he doesn't win a match. My word.

2 - Fitting end for Barney I guess

Passing it on to one of the new Dutch overlords in Jeffrey de Zwaan seems like a potentially fitting way to go out, unless he cocks it up and chokes against Darin Young, which given his performances this weekend he shouldn't do, but we'll see.

3 - Deutsch gegen Deutsch 

Ever wanted to know who the best German player is? Well, unless Benito van de Pas rolls back the years (nice job in getting through the qualifiers by the way), we get Hopp against Clemens, which ought to be a tie of the round.

4 - Is Wright in trouble?

First round he'll either get Noel Malicdem, who's incredibly dangerous, or Rowby John Rodriguez, who if he shows up is incredibly dangerous. Then he could easily get Seigo Asada, who's also incredibly dangerous. I don't think a last 32 match up between Asada and Malicdem is unrealistic, and that'd show the best the Asian Tour has to offer against each other.

5 - Maybe Price actually makes a run in this event for once

Is there anyone that can seriously threaten him before the quarters? Answers on a postcard.

6 - Will Euro Tour champions collide?

The possibility of a Krzysztof Ratajski against Jamie Hughes matchup in the last 64 (!) is mouthwatering, that would not look out of place two rounds later, but it's where we're at.

7 - Can Rydz go far?

It's always been a tale of nearly but not quite punching through for Callan Rydz, but he's got a series of good games where he's in with chances. Steve Lennon and then Danny Noppert are good tests where, if he can bring his game at its peak, he can win those. Then Rob Cross? That would be fun.

8 - How will the ladies do?

Suzuki's got James Richardson - that isn't the worst of draws, James if he's playing alright is obviously the better player, but is hugely hit or miss, and Suzuki could be able to exploit that, and John Henderson, despite a very respectable showing at the weekend, is in the lower tier of seeds that could be a second round opponent. Meanwhile Fallon Sherrock played out of her skin earlier today to get through the qualifier, seeing off a big comeback from Lisa Ashton in the semi finals, and she's got Ted Evetts, and getting the Development Tour winner might make for some interesting dynamics.

9 - Any other international qualifiers with a chance?

Jan Dekker's a tour card holder, but got through the regional qualifier - Joyce isn't unbeatable (odd that the two players who faced the ladies qualifiers last year now face each other). Koltsov is incredibly live against Edhouse, if not the favourite. The Chinese kid Zong should get annihilated, but Kyle Anderson just hasn't been getting results, and Zong has been more than respectable when we've seen him previously. Nico Kurz could test James Wilson, Danny Baggish doesn't have a terrible draw against Andy Boulton, Paul Lim might be able to take advantage of Luke Woodhouse's relative lack of stage experience (not that it mattered this weekend). Lourence Ilagan against Cristo Reyes should be very competitive. Madars Razma against Harry Ward has a wide range of outcomes but the Latvian could easily get through.

10 - Show me the schedule already

I'm at the Friday evening session before Christmas and I just want to know which four second round games I'll see. Please be Durrant please be Durrant please be Durrant

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