Sunday 1 December 2019

Worlds preview - prelude

One thing I missed out on talking about that got announced recently was the tweaks they're going to do to European Tour qualification, namely:

- The tour card holders qualifier is no longer segregated by UK/Europe, and just includes everyone in one pool for 24 spots. This is the fairest way, the best players on the night should come through, no complaints with this one.
- There's also two spots for home nation qualifiers direct from the Pro Tour rankings. I'm not too sure about this, it seems to be purely to give Hopp and Clemens exposure, and it also has the big issue that with events in Hungary and the Czech Republic later in the season, anyone that's able to qualify just once for a European Tour event gets a huge boost - can you see a situation where three players from those countries get ranking money? I can't. These two wouldn't actually score ranking money unless they win their first round game, similar to how the seeds work right now, but even so...
- The rest looks more or less unchanged, the two spots mentioned above coming from the home nations qualifers. Appears to be closing the shop to card holders a bit more.

So, worlds preview. This'll be a series of sixteen posts in draw order - the data sheet will look a bit like this:

To talk you through the data:

- Top line should be straight forward.
- Second line shows the method of qualification (for things like the Pro Tour qualifiers, the number doesn't mean their actual ranking, more the ranking after those who qualified through a higher priority qualifier have been removed), their result last year (if the player took part in the BDO worlds, that will appear here), the best odds to win the event per oddschecker from a couple of days ago, and then the number of previous world championship appearances (PDC first, bracketed number indicating BDO appearances).
- The FRH ranking is the usual ranking that we use all the time. The FDI rating is used with permission from - it is basically an Elo-based ranking system, the higher the number the better. If you're not following @FDI_Index on Twitter, you should be, he produces a lot of good stuff. The legs won/lost comes from my database of all ranking senior singles 501 single-in/double-out PDC events dating back as far as last year's PDC worlds. It also includes the three main BDO majors from the televised stages, I'll be looking to expand this further next year, but it's reliant on tournaments supplying data, although the rumour that the Dutch Open may use Dart Connect is kind of exciting.
- Fourth row is my usual points per turn scoring. This shows every players score per turn (this is *not* a three dart average, a 13 dart leg and a 15 dart leg both count as 501 points scored in five turns) over the same data sample described above.
- Fifth row is a summary of the best of what a player's done this year - every ranking major, and the best five performances on the European and Pro Tour respectively. The event they've done the performance in is mostly irrelevant, but I list the most recent event to break any ties.
- The final row shows any performances I think are worth mentioning, up to a maximum of three - this may include non-ranking PDC majors, BDO events, PDC secondary and regional tours, etc etc.

I don't think I get the first installment out tonight, but keep watching.

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