Monday 30 December 2019

Yet another BDO facepalm

There's a letter being distributed around Twitter right now, which is basically saying:

- They have no sponsor
- They've pissed away a shitload of money to a company that was supposed to get them sponsors, but oddly enough nobody is actually interested in getting involved with the current clusterfuck that is the BDO
- Five out of every six tickets for Lakeside the O2 are currently unsold, which given the prices (the cheapest I can see for their Friday night session is a remarkable £46, which is a tenner more than what I paid for the PDC worlds for a Friday night session) should come as no surprise whatsoever
- As such, the supposed ladies' prize pool increase is actually a decrease, and the men's event is similarly reduced in value

The hilarious thing is that Jacklin is somehow still blaming all this on "social media". I've not seen anyone so deluded as to what the problem is since one half of Labour not thinking that Corbyn is unelectable, and the other half of Labour not thinking that it's anything to do with their non-existant Brexit stance. For fuck's sake. If Des is still in his post this time next month I'll be stunned. Got to be at least a 4/1 shot that there is a BDO worlds in 2021 at this stage, they're more or less done, no idea what the PDC's discussions with the WDF have been as supposedly mentioned of recent, but you've got to think it's something to do with how to co-operate in a post-BDO era.

Anyway, the truth will out soon enough.


  1. That's a real pity. Partly because the BDO was so responsible for the original glory years, partly because Jacklin came in with real promise, and partly because we risk losing a host of tournaments on the amateur side if we lose the BDO, until something grows in its place.

    And I'm sure Black Desert Online computers probably don't like seeing the #bdo hashtag slugged around for this.

    1. I don't think we'll lose too many tournaments - the Dutch Open for example is already happy to keep going ahead separate from any BDO affiliation, and plenty of other events are organised primarily by the counties or other national entities

  2. I'd edit my first comment, but I just looked around at the amount of the decrease. I'm seeing a cut by *half* in a lot of places. OUCH!!