Friday 20 December 2019

So I'm at Ally Pally

Some quick thoughts:

- Payment card system works alright. Not sure why they couldn't get it working in such a way that we could just use our existing contactless cards, but there's probably some technical reason why. Took no time at all to pick one up, so fair enough I get
- Hills are plugging their betting stalls a lot obv
- That's the most ridiculous level of search I've ever seen, puts the TSA to shame. I'm pretty sure I can't actually fit a tactical nuke in my wallet, but if I tried, they'd have found it

Didn't get chance to see any of the afternoon session, but glad to see that Clayton's level of dominance was as expected, shame Teehan couldn't complete the comeback, seems entirely possible that van Gerwen doesn't lose a leg in the third round, and rumours of Darren Webster's demise seem a bit premature.

Might be back later tonight with post session thoughts, we'll see.

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