Thursday 19 December 2019

Hi Poochie, you look like you've got something to say

Yes I certainly do. In fact, two.

First, about how betting works. If I suggest a bet, it is *not* because I think that something is a lock to happen. This may be obvious, but there's certainly a potential disconnect between myself suggesting that Pratnemer is value at 11/2 and Meulenkamp is value at 7/4, and some people thinking said picks are mortal locks that are guaranteed to win. Should be simple to understand, but you never know with some people, both had match darts, I think I'm on the better side of both. You just need to trust the process and keep putting yourself on the right side of bets, if you lump on whoever's playing MvG at 6/1 every time and you think whoever MvG is playing has a 20% shot, then 80% of the time you lose. That doesn't mean it's not profitable.

Secondly, the whole Fallon Sherrock to New York thing. Let me preface the entirety of the following by saying that, as it's an exhibition, my underlying thought is that I couldn't really care less. But at the same time, let's look at the whole concept. The World Series has often been used to give big stage playing time to those who are just outside of the Premier League, and once you factor in that there will be a core of Premier League players that are going to take up probably half, if not more, of the PDC's invites, there's limited spots to use. If we look at players last year who weren't already established Premier League-level regulars, or otherwise standard Australasian invites, we had Aspinall and Price in Vegas. That's pretty much it. Suljovic has played the last couple of German events. Gurney and Price played a couple in 2018. Dimitri and Jamie Lewis played the German one in 2019.

That's not many spots. Sure, Barney's retired, and they may think that just frees up a spot to use as they will. But hold on a second. There are an absolute shit ton of players that are on the Premier League edges that have never played a World Series event. Ian White, Joe Cullen and Krzysztof Ratajski have all won European Tour events this year. Glen Durrant would surely be in the equation. Chris Dobey would surely be in the equation. What about bringing back a Dave Chisnall? Jeffrey de Zwaan is developing. Jermaine Wattimena is developing.

The main problem I have, other than that Sherrock isn't a tour card holder, is getting the spot based on one win and certain attributes, and has been a losing player on the Challenge Tour (if you look at money out based on money in, she has a -80% ROI before expenses), is this - does it really add value from a publicity standpoint? The PDC's already hit the fucking holy grail of publicity, does announcing Sherrock for New York actually add anything? Especially if you do it right now - could you not have waited a couple of weeks rather than piling in on what's already still a decent sized media deluge? If it's a super cunning plan to actually boost the American game following their decent showing in this years' worlds by giving one of their domestic qualifiers a game they should win, then that's very clever, but something I don't think is in Barry's repertoire. Also, a couple of serious questions - if Corrine Hammond returns to form and beats Sherrock in the opening round of the BDO worlds while Fallon's averaging 72, what then? Additionally, what would they have done if Mikuru Suzuki had finished 176 in six darts in the deciding leg against Richardson and won herself? Do they invite both? One? Neither? Suddenly remember that they don't have an Asian outlet in the World Series and think that now's a great time to (re)create the Tokyo Darts Masters? Honestly.

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