Monday 30 December 2019

Brief fantasy update

With nobody having selected Peter Wright (honestly? 266 points so far is a pretty nice haul given that nobody else that was picked got over 200 other than Aspinall), the winner of the event and the whole fifteen quid worth of dartscorner vouchers comes down to whoever has the best van Gerwen entry, and whoever has the best non-van Gerwen entry if they're ahead. So it's a two horse race - Andrew Francis is done and has 538 points on the board, with his team of Gerwyn Price, Nathan Aspinall, Mervyn King and Ryan Searle performing very well, and the only player that can deny him the prize is kingweed, who has van Gerwen still to play, but is nearly 200 points behind, so is more or less reliant on MvG hitting multiple nine darters to try to claw back what looks like a nearly insurmountable deficit.

Shame about James T, he'd pinned all of Lewis, Dobey, Humphries and van den Bergh, but went over the budget by ten points, so if he'd have left Matt Edgar on the bench then he'd have been clearly ahead, but oh well, what can you do.

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