Sunday 8 December 2019's World Championship fantasy game - WIN DARTS STUFF

Going to go with almost exactly the same rules as last year - from the following players, you have 180 points with which to pick a minimum of five players and a maximum of twelve players (down from 15 last year) - you score points by doing the following:

Winning a set - 5 points
Winning a leg in a set you lose - 1 point
180 - 2 points
Checking out 121-160 - 2 points
Checking out 161-170 - 3 points
Nine dart finish - 9 points
(new for 2019-20) Beating a seed as an unseeded player - 5 points
(new for 2019-20) Beating a top 8 seed as either an unseeded player, or as a seed from 17 to 32 inclusive - 5 points

The players points values are as follows:

Entry details - you have until 5pm UK time (12pm EST, 6pm CET) on Friday the 13th to enter - this is two hours before the tournament kicks off. To enter, send an email with the following details to

- Your name (and/or username to be displayed in the leaderboard, if different)
- Your player selections
- A contact email address (if different to the one you're sending from)
- Tiebreaker: how many 180's will be thrown in this year's championship?

The overall winner will win £15 worth of Darts Corner vouchers - get yourself a cheap set of starter darts, stock up on flights/stems, put it towards a pricier set you were going to buy anyway, buy a dozen Mark Dudbridge posters if they still have them in stock, it's really up to you. I'm not in anyway affiliated with DC, this is coming out of my own pocket, but they've always been extremely reliable in my experience, and ship cheaply all over the world, so if you've never given them a try before I can certainly recommend them.

Reminder - email your selections in to

Probably should list some GDPR spiel - I'm using your contact email purely and solely to be able to email you the winnings if you win. That's it. Then I'll delete everything before Scott Mitchell's out of the BDO worlds.

Should follow with the remainder of the third quarter tonight, hopefully get the fourth quarter out on Monday/Tuesday, then bets as we go through the event.

As an aside, I know Ally Pally has a lot of German visitors, but do they really need to make them feel at home by using that proprietary card payment system they have at a lot of their football grounds, which is incompatible with the perfectly good contactless payment system that we have over here already? Cashless/tokenless is a good idea, sure, but this seems a bit silly really.

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