Thursday 12 December 2019

Worlds eve

Bets for day 1 will come tomorrow afternoon, but for now, some quick points:

- Don't forget to enter the fantasy comp - full details are HERE and a reminder you can win stuff, there's not many people entered as of yet so take a shot at it

- While everyone's been focussing on the PDC, it seems the BDO are lurching from one disaster to another, seemingly selling next to no tickets for the worlds, and also seeing the Dutch Open (which is probably their fourth biggest event now?) saying they'll no longer offer BDO rankings points due to some daft new rules that the BDO wanted to introduce. When you can't even run your own comps right (see the World Masters), or seemingly promote your own comps either, it's probably not a good idea to piss off one of the few big comps you have left that does run things right.

Worlds predictions - these might look stupid very quickly, and it's just gut feeling and nothing to do with actual statistical analysis, so don't bet based off this people:

R1/2 (24-8 split between Pro Tour and international qualifiers, as some people have been looking at that):

van Gerwen > Klaasen
McGeeney > Evans
Clayton > Joyce
Bunting > Monk
Wade > Koltsov
Anderson > Beaton
White > Labanauskas
Clemens > Hopp

Dolan > Anderson
West > King
Aspinall > Baggish
Ratajski > Hughes
Smith > Woodhouse
van den Bergh > Payne
Lewis > Ilagan
Meikle > Webster

Cross > Huybrechts
Noppert > Rydz
Cullen > Kurz
Wattimena > Humphries
Wright > Malicdem
Asada > Brown
Chisnall > van der Voort
de Zwaan > van Barneveld

Gurney > Pipe
Durrant > de Sousa
Evetts > Suljovic
Dobey > Meulenkamp
Price > O'Connor
Richardson > Henderson
Razma > Whitlock
King > Smith


van Gerwen > McGeeney
Bunting > Clayton
Wade > Anderson
White > Clemens
Dolan > West
Ratajski > Aspinall
Smith > van den Bergh
Lewis > Meikle

Cross > Noppert
Wattimena > Cullen
Wright > Asada
Chisnall > de Zwaan
Durrant > Gurney
Dobey > Evetts
Price > Richardson
King > Razma


van Gerwen > Bunting
White > Wade
Ratajski > Dolan
Smith > Lewis
Cross > Wattimena
Wright > Chisnall
Durrant > Dobey
Price > King


White > van Gerwen
Ratajski > Smith
Cross > Wright
Price > Durrant


White > Ratajski
Price > Cross

Final: Price 7-4 White

That'd hit a nice 100/1 each way punt... as an aside, Ratajski's 10/1 to win his quarter, that's got to be worth a shot.

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