Sunday 24 November 2019

The calm before the storm

So, we got the final we all wanted, and I think most people, first leg aside, agree that it met everyone's expectations as Michael van Gerwen was able to edge out Gerwyn Price to claim another Players Championship Finals win, and lay down a marker before the worlds. All that's left to be decided for that is the UK ladies qualifier and the three PDPA qualifiers - I have to feel for Adam Gawlas, he looked so incredibly nervous in the youth final which Luke Humphries won to open up the third spot. We just need now to wait and see who'll come through, before analysis goes into overdrive.

For now, the new FRH rankings:

1 Michael van Gerwen
2 Gerwyn Price (UP 1)
3 Rob Cross (DOWN 1)
4 Michael Smith
5 Peter Wright (UP 1)
6 Daryl Gurney (DOWN 1)
7 Dave Chisnall
8 James Wade
9 Ian White (UP 1)
10 Nathan Aspinall (DOWN 1)
11 Gary Anderson
12 Mensur Suljovic
13 Glen Drraunt
14 Adrian Lewis
15 Joe Cullen
16 Krzysztof Ratajski
17 Simon Whitlock (UP 1)
18 Jonny Clayton (DOWN 1)
19 Stephen Bunting (UP 1)
20 Chris Dobey (NEW)

Price didn't need anywhere near a final to claim the #2 spot with Cross going out fairly early, but it gives him over 30k as a buffer to the next spot down. Wright getting past Gurney was just on differing countback degradation, he's less than 50 points ahead, White finally making a TV semi final puts him well past Aspinall, while Bunting's good run keeps him just ahead of Chris Dobey, whose own semi final gets him to the top 20 for I think the first time. Lower down, Willie O'Connor is up to #35, Barney's up to #45, while Ryan Meikle's good weekend sees him up to #70.

None of these include minimum worlds money, which I'm now going to add into the database. Something that may be of interest to some - who's scoring the most per turn from the start of the last worlds to date? That's the period I run my betting tracking from and to (you'll see the 2020 entry is up on the right), so who's up there? I'll give you the top 20, with a minimum of 100 legs played:

Michael van Gerwen 96.48
Peter Wright 94.89
Gerwyn Price 94.74
Rob Cross 94.45
Ian White 94.21
Gary Anderson 94.03
Glen Durrant 93.63
Krzysztof Ratajski 93.41
Dave Chisnall 93.55
Michael Smith 93.03
Mensur Suljovic 92.90
James Wade 92.61
Jamie Hughes 92.51
Nathan Aspinall 92.43
Jose de Sousa 92.23
Daryl Gurney 92.11
Jeffrey de Zwaan 92.08
Kyle Anderson 92.07
Gabriel Clemens 91.81
Danny Noppert 91.80

Any names surprise you there?

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