Friday 8 November 2019

Quick European Tour post

Landed in the USA, where I assume I've instantly got into the top 100 players, and while I wait for the pubs to open while my body clock thinks it's closing time, I see that they've announced the remainder of the European Tour.

It's pretty good - they've started off in Belgium, which is a country I've advocated for in previous posts - and they're ending back in Prague, which I also think makes a lot of sense. It seemed to go down well, with Gawlas doing good things over the last couple of months perhaps they can utilise him (as well as Sedlacek and others obv) to help really grow interest, and additionally, I think you've got to look at giving somewhere a two year run. Unless a first year is a complete failure, then you have one to spark the interest and see how the follow up goes. We're in a crowded enough calendar as it is, do I think unless something really explodes you're probably looking at a max two year run anyway before coming back later, but at least if you do that you can say you did put in the effort to get it off the ground.

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