Tuesday 15 November 2022

Slam day 4

Will round out the group stage summary later this evening. Really disappointed for Schindler, Chizzy as well to some extent. Was a real weird spot where, needing 130 with Price not on a finish, he shanks a first dart low into the 20 blocking most of the bed, he thinks about it for some time, before moving along to the blocked bed, hitting, then laying up for tops. Really? If it's blocked that bad and you're not going to go for bull (and why would you), why not switch?

Soutar/Sherrock - Not touching with Fallon eliminated. Line not interesting anyway.

Wattimena/Gates - Probably not touching this either. Line looks alright with Jermaine in form, could pretty quickly become a situation where Leonard is eliminated mid match.

Clayton/Heta - Looks like a flip, have Heta slightly favoured year long, Clayton's 10-0 without doing much, going to leave it given Damon's TV troubles and given Clayton having already won the group.

Humphries/Rock - Spicy as anything. Rating Rock as slightly favoured, with Humphries already qualified maybe he takes foot off the gas? 21/20 on Josh isn't enough to appeal though.

Woodhouse/Rafferty - Nathan could potentially still get out of the group with a win, while Woodhouse would look to be in a really strong position to do so, as such this is one of the few truly live games. Hard to split these, Woodhouse maybe slightly favoured in projections. Comes in at 4/5 so no bet.

van Gerwen/Smith - van Gerwen's already through but will probably want to pick up enough legs to keep top spot, three legs would see him guaranteed to win the group. Smith could do with simply not getting annihilated, as a Rafferty win coupled with a moderate loss may be enough. 2/1 is the line, I thought we might have got more, I've got Smudger at 37% so nothing here.

Wright/Aspinall - Peter is not already through, and cannot afford to lose this as if we assume that Soutar smashes Fallon, a 5-3 loss might see him out. Aspinall basically has to win. The line is a lot closer than I thought, I'd have guessed Wright at around 4/7, although his scoring in this tournament has been bad. Nothing here.

Searle/Williams - Final game, Williams needs to win and for him and Humphries to win by a combined five legs, Searle is probably out with a Rock win, but if Humphries wins he's still got a little bit of leg difference to catch unless Humphries wins large. Appears 65/35 in favour of Ryan, line's around there.

So no bets. Again.

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